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Why choose us?

  • Accredited Family Mediator
  • Over 20 years experience
  • Qualified to see children in mediation
  • Daytime, evening & Saturday appointments
  • Zoom & in person sessions available
  • Impartial Mediator
  • Tailor made solution
  • Confidential process
  • Empower both parties
  • High success rate
  • Competitive rates
  • FMC voucher available

Sadly, relationships fail, marriages collapse and disputes arise.  By this stage trust, confidence and co-operation between the couple is non-existent.  Instead of talking to each other, they start talking at each other.  Neither of them hears what the other is saying and constructive communication can take a real battering.

However, you do not need to feel helpless, frustrated or alone. Neither do you have to just accept the unacceptable in respect of your future financial arrangements, the care of your children or both.

If you find yourself in a difficult divorce or family relationship dispute, we can offer the professional and highly experienced mediation support and guidance you need for both parties to move forward.

For many people, mediation is a far less painful, far less expensive and far more productive option than taking a dispute to court.  Statistics* show at least 70% of mediation cases result in an agreement.

No two relationships and no two disputes are ever the same. Bespoke Mediation Service recognise that and can help you make the best of the situation you find yourself in.

If your intention is to make an application to court, in most cases, you will need to attend a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM).  The purpose of the MIAM is to inform you of the various ways in which you can resolve your dispute, Mediation being one of them.  We can provide the MIAM, as well as Mediation.

We offer face to face and remote sessions from Monday to Saturday so that you can fit mediation around your schedule.

How can we help?

Divorce or relationship disputes can be extremely difficult and the parties involved can often really benefit from specialist support.

Bespoke Mediation Service can help you find a way through the conflict and move towards a brighter future.

* Family Mediation Council survey in Autumn 2019, showed that those who participated in family mediation succeeded in reaching complete or partial agreement in over 70% of cases.